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never leave home without them
September 27, 2012, 6:17 PM
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underwear. socks. shoes. watch. wallet. knife…. a few of the things i never leave home without. what about a SEAL? glad you asked…

below is a modified H+K assault rifle. something i wish i had and not have to leave home without either, but im not a SEAL.

apparently the SEALs not only bring the gun along, but some or all of this other stuff HERE too. why are they having to carry all this shit? because a fellow american perished due to a film made by a non-american that insulted another culture and its religion. quite interesting is the contrast made when comparing how americans take the same kind of insult towards general christianity from other cultures and, for the most part, let it go. do you ever hear about a mass slaying of civilian orthodox jews in america because they insulted a presbyterian church? maybe not. maybe it happens and we dont ever hear about it. but we can safely say that what we believe in, is also something we never leave home without.

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