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do you wanna ride?
May 12, 2012, 10:32 PM
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many years ago, my dad brought home an early 80s mercedes benz 300CD diesel coupe, and said that it was for my oldest sister and i. at the time, i didnt think anything of it, and never knew that the car cost a lot. today, i still dont know what really happened to it, despite many rumors of my dad selling it to get rid of some debts. that car stuck out in my mind as “the” car that i would forever remember. besides my first honda anyway.

that benz, and many like it, had a distinct smell – one that never really leaves the car, especially if one is running today – like my brother’s “new” car. my brother, for all intents and purposes, is a rather eccentric fellow. one who wants stuff kept in original factory condition, as it was built. nothing modified, nothing added or taken away. the car just, is. my brother is particularly proud of the classic benz he currently drives – mainly because it was a rare find… very clean, low miles, runs reliably… and something very close to what my dad had back in the day, though my brother’s is a sedan… and that’s where the differences end.

my brother always seemed the type associated with higher-ups, with management, or the executive level of companies. though he’s not, i always had this respect for this assumed “power” he had. and this car befits such attitude. the W123 model sedan you see below is a shining example of the mindset he has taken on… stoic, efficient, unchanging, simple, and classic. and it has just enough power to pass that POS hybrid on the freeway. maybe its because of me getting older, but i sort of want a classic benz too… something from the late 60s or early 70s – with the vertical headlamps and french style foglamps. of course, i have to put my own twist to it and install an airbag suspension to slam it to the ground, but for the same money, id rather buy something fast and reliable for now… until i really get older and cant handle the sportiness anymore.

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