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VIVID video retracts porn contract offer to casey anthony
July 9, 2011, 11:53 AM
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hahahahahahaha… you know your life sucks when even the porn industry wont hire you because they know you killed your kids. quick tip: if you cant, wont, dont have the time for, or the dedication to become a parent, DONT. get snipped, tied, use fucking condoms, something… just dont bring another life into this world, leave their dirty diapers in the kmart parking lot, then decide… fuckit, im gonna take this motherfucker out. thats just sad and selfish. not to mention unfair.

yeah, everyone knows you killed your kid, casey. we saw you hangin with OJ – dont lie.

details HERE

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art in the streets
July 9, 2011, 11:31 AM
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got a chance to check out the street art exhibit at the geffen moca in LA a few weeks ago, and all i have to say about that is holy fucking wow. im sure theres a lot more undiscovered and undocumented street art out there, but the collection on display at the geffen moca was awesome. the history of graffiti, the meaning behind it all, and the creativity put forth into each piece is just a sign of the potential each of us has, waiting to be unlocked.

if you get a chance to see it before it ends, you should. it aint the mona lisa or a van gogh, because this is a different genre and has a class of its own. go!

EDIT: if you also get a chance, prep for the occasion by watching banksy’s exit through the gift shop and/or style wars before you go. it will give you a better idea of what to expect and what kind of art this really is.

details HERE

TIP: the exhibit is in little tokyo behind the japanese american history museum not near k-town.

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July 1, 2011, 1:06 AM
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for our 5th anniversary, wifey and i decided to get the fuck away from LA/OC and head over to catalina island for rest and relaxation… it was so relaxing in fact, that i forgot to post on here that we went there… anyhow, we didnt see any buffalo except the bigass plastic one outside the ice cream shop owned by a fat dude, and we didnt do any water sport shit, ‘cos lets face it, i dont do water sport shit. i nearly barfed on the way there because the water was choppy – do you honestly think im gonna do any water sport shit? the golf carts were dope…. never have i seen so many on custom wheels. i think if i ever owned one, i’d probably slam it to the ground and flush out a set of WORK wheels on it

we did a lot of walking… and eating snacks… and admiring the water… and just relaxing. the one thing i did want to do, but didnt have the cash for, was the ziplining tour.. which is a thrill in itself, considering youre just sliding along a wire in the middle of the forest. if you go, save money to do it… and ill live vicariously through you. all in all, a good trip. recommended if you just want to getaway from city life.

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