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the surreal life – LA without cars
July 22, 2011, 11:32 AM
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being an LA native, i could never imagine what it would be like without cars on the streets and freeways of southern california. that is, until LA County decided they would close one of the busiest stretches of the 405 freeway to rebuild a bridge. never have i seen the streets and freeways so unclogged and flowing so smoothly. it sort of reminded me of the movie – a day without a mexican. granted, the film was fictional and in some ways racist (to the point of making you wonder how it got filmed in the first place), but it conveyed just how much mexican people are as much a part of the culture of Los Angeles. the same goes for cars. you cant have LA without cars – its just not the same! the whole “carmageddon” phenomenon was just so surreal, yet relaxing at the same time because traffic was so light. kinda like when you take a benadryl, full dose, for the first time in a long time… you get drowsy and dreamy-eyed, and things you do dont seem realistic anymore, as youre trying to balance between being awake and being asleep. anyhow, before i ramble on… here’s a take on what it would look like if LA had no cars at all:

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