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July 1, 2011, 1:06 AM
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for our 5th anniversary, wifey and i decided to get the fuck away from LA/OC and head over to catalina island for rest and relaxation… it was so relaxing in fact, that i forgot to post on here that we went there… anyhow, we didnt see any buffalo except the bigass plastic one outside the ice cream shop owned by a fat dude, and we didnt do any water sport shit, ‘cos lets face it, i dont do water sport shit. i nearly barfed on the way there because the water was choppy – do you honestly think im gonna do any water sport shit? the golf carts were dope…. never have i seen so many on custom wheels. i think if i ever owned one, i’d probably slam it to the ground and flush out a set of WORK wheels on it

we did a lot of walking… and eating snacks… and admiring the water… and just relaxing. the one thing i did want to do, but didnt have the cash for, was the ziplining tour.. which is a thrill in itself, considering youre just sliding along a wire in the middle of the forest. if you go, save money to do it… and ill live vicariously through you. all in all, a good trip. recommended if you just want to getaway from city life.

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