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May 25, 2011, 5:38 PM
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commendable attempt at serving some much needed justice…. but alas, they missed. damn.

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May 25, 2011, 5:36 PM
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what waste of time.

From AutoGuide:

We almost love it when we find things on the Internet that leaves us completely speechless. Unfortunately this find also made us throw up a little bit and shake our heads in disgust. This isn’t to knock the goals and dreams of an individual and having the determination to execute the task – but let’s be realistic here, it’s a poor attempt at a replica of one of the world’s most exclusive exotic vehicles.

more HERE

UPDATE 6/21… this fucker got the car impounded. i hope they crush it. check it out HERE

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update – may 2011
May 25, 2011, 5:26 PM
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a whole fucking lot has been going on lately, and ive just been too goddamn lazy to post anything, so im going to mash everything into one bigass monster post here and now…

my birthday past recently – thanks to those who remembered and either: wished me well on facebook, sent me a card and/or gifts, or bought me food. i must be getting old, ‘cos i didnt go spend a bunch of money on myself this year on frivolous things. okay, well, maybe an ipad 2… but hey, it’s way better than the original, and this one belongs to ME, instead of my company.

wifey got me what i really wanted for my bday though – an office chair that doesnt suck. ive bought many office chairs over the years, only for them to break down the foam core or collect dust and dirt to the point where they look stained, so i thought it was time for me to get a new chair. recaro and corbeau makes some great office chairs, but the recaro ones are way too expensive to justify buying right now. so, i got the next best thing… the corbeau. i got a GTS II, ‘cos its the closest to the recaro i could find. the other seats available from corbeau looked fake, so they didnt make the cut. the chair itself is dope. its mad comfy, and makes you feel all snug ‘cos of the tight bolstering. if i had to replace the seats in my infiniti, these would be it – but in black leather, not the black cloth i got for the office chair.

i decided that instead of spending money on shit, id do something this year… so wifey and i went to vegas. we hadnt been there in a while, so we decided to do it big. we stayed at the bellagio hotel on the strip and we cruised around in our rented buick lacross. i didnt want to take her car or mine to vegas, ‘cos lets face it, we’re both getting older, and we wanted to drive there in comfort… so we rented a stock luxury car and rolled out. its a good thing we did too, as we didnt arrive tired and beat up from driving an econobox or a lowered sport sedan. we both enjoyed the hotel and its amenities, and the new sugar factory restaurant right across the street under the eiffel tower of the paris hotel.

we enjoyed sugar factory so much, that we ate there twice. twice! and ordered the same thing both times – the chicken + waffles. im sure theres better chicken and waffles out there, but the way it was prepared was the best we ever had. none of this microwave chicken strips and bisquick mix bullshit we were used to seeing. while we were waiting for our table, we wandered about the candy shop part of the restaurant and stumbled upon some gourmet marshmallows…. and being that marshmallows are my favorite sweet, we bought a box of these:

…although not shown, i found a box of the maple bacon flavored plush puffs… and OMFG. absolute bomb. those were the best marshmallows i ever tasted. and surprisingly, not too sweet either. they didnt make my blood sugar skyrocket into another galaxy like some candies do. and that only made me appreciate them more. i found them online too…. PLUSH PUFFS… anyhow… that trip was great.

being that its also car show/car meet season… [now that the winter is officially over and the sun is out longer]… lots of events popped up over the past few weeks. the majority of which i had to forgo because of work scheduling, but i decided not to go to any of them this year because of the fact that its the same shit over and over again…. the “stance” shows. low offset wheels on super low cars. i understand its the “in” thing to do, but its getting out of hand (and getting old) and people are just bandwagoning it now. stancing every kind of car out there just makes the whole concept of doing it, stupid. dont get me wrong, i like the trend and im all for a great looking car. but, im not going to sacrifice the drivability and functionality of a daily driven car in the process – especially one that shouldnt be stanced in the first place. if it was a show car, sure. something i dont drive every day, sure. not a daily. no. many will say that they drive their cars daily, but thats bullshit. cruising it around to the local community college a few miles down the street is not what i would consider daily driving. try a 40 mile commute to work, combined with a 10 mile commute to school, and everywhere else in-between and tell me you wont get tired of driving low-n-slow. bullshit. that said… heres some videos/pics of the recent meets/shows that passed… (click links, son)




lastly… made a recent trip out to memphis TN… home of elvis, bbq, the fedex forum, flooding, and humidity. meh. not impressed. the bbq was good, but overall, i think it couldve been better. the weather sucked – it rained, a fucking tornado hit nearby joplin, MO while i was there and people were talking about another coming to TN across the river… i was like… fuck that shit. i come here for business, and this is what i have to experience? ya… fuck that. im glad i was only there for a few days. and people want to leave socal ‘cos its too expensive here. shiiiiiit. say that again when a fucking twister rips your house out of the ground and throws it into the next neighboring state. i wont be back soon. that is not unless i have to, for work.

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lego. serious business.
May 9, 2011, 9:24 PM
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i wish i had this when i was a kid playing with lego. i barely had enough Technic kits to build monster trucks with working suspension. at least it kept me out of gangs.

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