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the 1 weird old tip
March 5, 2011, 11:18 PM
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as a followup to all the food ive been eating… ever see those ads for “the one weird old tip” that will help you lose a few inches off your gut? those are horseshit ads. all they mislead you to do, given that you were curious enough to click on them, is buy a whole bunch of acai berry juice and drink it instead of eating.

So what is the one weird tip for belly loss? According to sources, the so-called “tip” is drinking lots of acai juice over a period of several weeks. Acai juice acts as sort of a cleanser to rid the body of unwanted weight. Unfortunately as with most “cleansers” all the body tends to loose on the acai diet is water weight, which usually comes back once you’re back to eating regular foods.

fuck that. i’d rather have a kalbi burger.

HERE and HERE are the real tips you should take into consideration. fuck the scams.

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KBBQ all day
March 5, 2011, 11:10 PM
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alright, it wasnt KBBQ ALL day, but i had to come up with a title. get over it. anyway…

so, i had this hankering for really decent asian cuisine lately, and i managed to satisfy nearly all my cravings in a matter of 2 days… how? well, first, the wife and i hadnt been out on a sort of “date” night in a while, so i decided to surprise her by going to this somewhat new robata-ya grill place out in costa mesa called zipangu (google it)… it was a bit hard to find, as its not near the street or anything. its actually hidden inside whats known as the “anti-mall”. the anti-mall is an semi-outdoor strip mall full of little boutiques, restaurants, and bars. there was even a bike shop run out of a stainless trailer RV. the whole locale was very hipster-ish, fresh, and modern to say the least. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the meal at zipangu and i recommend anyone who’s in that part of OC to try it out.

next on the list of asian food cravings – KBBQ. this was immediately satisfied by stalking a Kogi BBQ roach coach in long beach and killing a short rib burrito in 20 mins. if you want some fast korean-mexican fusion… this is it. they have other fusiony things too, so hit them up at and stalk a truck in your area. fuck the food trend haters – their closed minds will not get them anywhere. let them have their 50 piece mcnugget death.

for dinner – Kalbi Burger. ive been telling my wife about this KBBQ burger place off wilshire in LA’s KTown area and ive been looking forward to eating there all week. i read all the reviews and can see how this place would receive anything but 9s or better. the food was great for a burger joint. the fusion of what is typically american and what is typically korean was genius. its inspiring me to make one of my own at home. definitely a must-try if you like KBBQ and you like burgers.

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