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Mac OS X Lion – quick peep
March 16, 2011, 10:17 PM
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the yearly update to the largest distribution of unix yet – os x lion incorporates what apple calls “the power of os x with the magic of ipad”

i think it will make a half-ass attempt at trying to incorporate those things, and yet cause headaches for sysadmins like myself who need to make it work in a primarily windows-based work environment. there will be no magic. sorry. that said, im still excited to see yet another iteration of os x come out, as it usually means updates to software i use on a daily basis. hopefully apps will run faster and more stable on lion, as im tired of the seeing the beachball when im in the middle of working in my DAW.

thankfully, serato apps are still stable, regardless of what version of os x.

details HERE

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