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KBBQ all day
March 5, 2011, 11:10 PM
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alright, it wasnt KBBQ ALL day, but i had to come up with a title. get over it. anyway…

so, i had this hankering for really decent asian cuisine lately, and i managed to satisfy nearly all my cravings in a matter of 2 days… how? well, first, the wife and i hadnt been out on a sort of “date” night in a while, so i decided to surprise her by going to this somewhat new robata-ya grill place out in costa mesa called zipangu (google it)… it was a bit hard to find, as its not near the street or anything. its actually hidden inside whats known as the “anti-mall”. the anti-mall is an semi-outdoor strip mall full of little boutiques, restaurants, and bars. there was even a bike shop run out of a stainless trailer RV. the whole locale was very hipster-ish, fresh, and modern to say the least. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the meal at zipangu and i recommend anyone who’s in that part of OC to try it out.

next on the list of asian food cravings – KBBQ. this was immediately satisfied by stalking a Kogi BBQ roach coach in long beach and killing a short rib burrito in 20 mins. if you want some fast korean-mexican fusion… this is it. they have other fusiony things too, so hit them up at and stalk a truck in your area. fuck the food trend haters – their closed minds will not get them anywhere. let them have their 50 piece mcnugget death.

for dinner – Kalbi Burger. ive been telling my wife about this KBBQ burger place off wilshire in LA’s KTown area and ive been looking forward to eating there all week. i read all the reviews and can see how this place would receive anything but 9s or better. the food was great for a burger joint. the fusion of what is typically american and what is typically korean was genius. its inspiring me to make one of my own at home. definitely a must-try if you like KBBQ and you like burgers.

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