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exit through the gift shop
February 23, 2011, 11:56 PM
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wtf kind of title is that? its reminiscent of a sign youd see after going to a museum, or er, a strip club. dont ask how i know. anyhow, this documentary was the absolute shit. being that im a big fan of expressionistic, abstract, and urban art, i think it really encompassed what it means to have passion for communication. that said, thierry guetta has no idea what it means. his pieces are not bad, but they lack a true sense of what street art is about. his pieces chosen for the documentary are witty, but theyre copies of what every other street artist has already done. sure, theres some semblance of inspiration, but the messages are too simplistic to really convey a deeper meaning. guetta’s art, is much like what banksy said about the film he had made as well – …shit. created by someone who may have some mental problems

all in all, enjoyable. recommended – even if its just for the hardcore original, uncopied, street artist work. however, i cant say that im a fan of the microwaved art skills and money driven desire behind MBW.

heres the trailer…

details HERE

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