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got trucks?
January 23, 2011, 12:41 PM
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ha! like i have money for a new car. anyhow… i havent been posting regularly ‘cos of these things. ive been either working on them, running them, or furiously searching the internet or hobby shops looking for hop-up parts or anything that would replace some of the crappy stock parts. needless to say, that takes up a lot of time like it did before years ago when i first got into the hobby. ive been working a lot of OT and weekends, and this has been a great way for me to relax and get my mind de-stressed.

so, here’s the breakdown… the larger of the 2 is the new HPI Savage Flux 2350 electric brushless monster truck… and a monster it is. a 1/8th scale brushless powered r/c vehicle is no joke. especially when it cant stop on wet grass and manages to smash into the back of my foot, tripping me and making me land on my ass. no joke. at all. it’s already modified, as all my vehicles are, regardless of scale.

the smaller one is the 1/16th scale Traxxas Summit VXL brushless truck… not quite as powerful as the Savage, but fast and fun, nonetheless. it too, is modified.

my dog is scared of both of them… i speculate that he thinks theyre haunted or some shit. he especially hates when unmounted tires roll by themselves.

and here they are… (and their promo videos from youtube)

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