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NAMM 2011
January 23, 2011, 1:12 PM
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well, every other blog out there is already covering all the new DJ stuff at NAMM this year, so im just going to comment on the two new products that stood out the most for me…

1. numark NS6.

its smaller than my NS7 and has the ability to control 4 decks. its great, but i think it wont sell as well because of the “feel” of the platters. i was never really big on tactility when dj-ing until i actually used a DVS (a la serato scratch live)… now, i dont want to use a controller that doesnt have motorized platters. i learned on a controller that wasnt motorized and i always thought it felt artificial.. then came the NS7 and V7 controllers from numark and it was game over. again, im not sure if the NS6 is going to sell as well to the older skool crowd, but its still a great product.

2. serato scratch live with SL4 interface

finally! a way for djs to transition by switching laptops alone… kudos to Rane and Serato. if i was using tech12s id definitely use this when i gig with my cousin. this, and a Rane 68. then again, id be broke.

HERE‘s some other stuff that would be of interest

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