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didn’t i tell you?
January 11, 2011, 7:56 PM
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i knew it. it was inevitable. ATT couldnt last this long without complaint. and its about time this device got activated on a network that’s better than ATT’s horseshit 3G. anyhow, if you havent already noticed, verizon got the iphone… and it’s for sale in february. amazingly enough, within hours, the haters have already started hating…

now yes, it’s not going to be a 4G device. who cares? its on verizon, its a CDMA phone, and youre likely to have a better experience with it because the network will be able to support it better. dont get me wrong, i know VZW has its quirks, but lets face it – can you do any worse than ATT?

details HERE and HERE

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