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fat people = fat cars
December 21, 2010, 1:01 AM
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in this society of technology and ever growing methods of automation (no pun intended), it seems befitting that our vehicles reflect how overweight and sloth-like we’ve become just out of sheer laziness. it was not too long ago when the toyota corolla actually had a sport model (hachiroku, anyone?) now… we’re stuck with what looks to be a camry jr. and even that car (the camry) has gotten obese to the point where its surprising that it gets the gas mileage it does with the curb weight it has.

wtf happened to the sporty econobox that, when modified properly, could keep up with some so-called supercars of the day? one day… ill have an EF civic again. and this time, with 6 speed sequential twin-clutch gearbox that needs no 3rd pedal. one day. i tell you.

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