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touchless stealing
December 6, 2010, 11:37 PM
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most of the email i ever get from my bro-in-law is either porn, automotive news, or just plain junk. a lot of it is useless and trivial information, aside from the porn which isnt that great to begin with… but once in a great while, i get something of use. like this article about RFID harvesting via credit card scanners. dont know what RFID is? google it and see how much info you come up with, as a result of this new threat.

while the technology isnt all that new, its surprising that it took a thieving mind to bring this kind of ID theft to light. i knew something like this would happen once they started embedding transmitting chips into transaction cards. and it didnt take long for someone to swipe $25 from my checking account last year when it started becoming more and more mainstream. assholes.

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