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Verizon Wireless x Apple
November 21, 2010, 10:13 PM
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gotta love DVICE for all the latest gadget trends and tech news…

verizon and apple seem to be very busy collaborating apparently… some leaked info about a CDMA (or possibly, a dual mode CDMA/GSM) iPhone and a global (read: worldwide) 3G iPad… of course, data rates will likely be capped using the new rate plan structures, where they give you the connectivity and bandwidth, but once you reach a certain limit, the per kb charges kick in. in either case, i hope that by being available on another carrier, all or most of the headaches these devices had/have/rumored to have on ATT’s network throughput go away.

let’s wait and see… i’d love to see netflix or hulu stream in better quality on these devices than they do now being on ATT’s EDGE/3G infrastructure.

info HERE and HERE

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