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ipod nano as… a watch?
November 21, 2010, 1:31 AM
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a co-worker mentioned something about this last week in passing and i figured it was old news and something not as innovative as i came to see. mind you, the person that mentioned it to me seems a bit boring and square, so just the mere fact they even mentioned a watch made from an ipod nano made me wonder if it was worth doing any research on it. glad i did tho… the design is ridiculously sick. i think it’s better, design-wise, than some high-end timepieces currently available. will i cop one? depends…

i really want a panerai PAM104, as its design is timeless and classic, and it has a history – unlike some watches that cater mainly to the fans of “bling” and gaudiness. one day… and hopefully that day comes soon – i will have one. that said, the below may work as my daily.

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