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the 7 worst cyberattacks in history and a cyber super weapon
October 12, 2010, 11:29 PM
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…that we know about, anyway.

to think that the most secure institutions in the world are safe, is wrong. there isn’t a safe computer system out there unless it’s one that’s powered off, disconnected from any network or telephone line, and not running Windows. seriously, it’s scary enough to know that there were multiple attacks on major resources of the world, let alone living in a time where mere code can infiltrate a system, re-program it and turn a good thing, bad.

stay safe out there…

We get a little taste of cyber attacks all the time — look no further than this week’s Twitter virus — but what about full-on cyber warfare? Recently the true destructive potential of a cyber attack became frighteningly clear: whole government, banking and military networks overloaded and shut down, vital data and money stolen, and even physical damage if the right components are targeted. The worst part? We usually only find out after the fact.

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