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LA’s best places for late-night grub
September 23, 2010, 12:10 AM
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i love! ever since one of my work colleagues came on-board, ive been listening to more AM newsradio than the crap they play on FM nowadays – because that’s all he listens to in his car. i find it beneficial since i dont watch tv all too often… ok, not at all – with the exception of KCAL9 weather with jackie johnson (google her). trust me when i say that getting the majority of current events and general news/weather updates through the web or this radio station is a Godsend – and mainly because it’s not full of the shitty commentary and overly long commercial breaks

that said, KNX’s website has this section called “best of LA”… and thank God they do… cos without it, i wouldnt be able to bring you tidbits like this:

Hunger can strike when you least expect it and it’s the worst when it hits in the middle of the night. Maybe you were working late, then rushed to the gym and by the time you got home it was close to midnight and your stomach wasn’t going to let you go to sleep without filling it up! Whatever the reason that you find yourself starving after most restaurants have closed, you shouldn’t go to bed hungry. Instead, you should head out to one of these great Los Angeles restaurants and fill your bellies.

look at that breakfast! at 2 AM no less. anyhow… click through to check out the list… HERE

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