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Forbes mag names Los Angeles as 2nd most stressful city
August 19, 2010, 8:09 AM
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now this is news. i would have never thought LA would rank within the top 5 of a list of stressful cities. then again, because of joblessness, herds of homeless, and the traffic, i can see why. but it isn’t necessarily the inhabitants to blame entirely for the situation… government has a lot to do with it, as they’re the ones most responsible for creating and maintaining the policies all of us have to abide by. and many times, it’s these policies, rules, and regulations that stress us out in the first place.

example: good ol’ arnie enforces furlough days because he didn’t know how to keep the fucking economy in check. his spending barely did anything to improve the way of life in california, and now we have increased taxes, higher state and local fees for governmental requirements (e.g. vehicle registration), and… increased stress because we, as residents, have to work even harder at one job, or work multiple jobs just to compensate. it’s more difficult to make ends meet when the ends keep getting further and further apart because of people who dont know what the fuck theyre doing.

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