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Vestax addict
July 20, 2010, 11:41 AM
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…and i thought i had problems. limited edition… everything. personally, id rock a white VCI-300 controller with black wheels, or even a black and gold one, but all that cosmetic shit dont make you better at spinning. this is nuts…

taken from the vestax website:

DJ Kodac Visualz aka Cut Connoisseur – a Vestax limited edition mixer collector, who started from the ground up back in 1997 when he got himself a pair of turntables and one very used Vestax pmc 05 pro mixer. Djing became his life and love. While others bought Antique cars and restored them for their collection or for profit, Kodac was busy putting in the same passion they had for cars into his mixers, purchasing used Vestax mixers and restoring them. The Cut Connoisseur sold an uncountable amount of Vestax mixers while gathering a well respected limited edition collection and becoming a very wealthy man. On Jan 29th, 2010 the grand opening of Dj Qberts Thud Rumble Art Gallery had arrived. That night photos of (Kodac Vizualz) the Cut Connoisseur were displayed at the gallery. Each photo exhibited the Cut Connoisseur with one of his many Vestax Limited Edition mixers. Later that Evening, with big surprise, The Cut Connoisseur – and his healthy bank account – purchased all of Dj Qberts Vestax Limted Edition White Vestax pdx 2300 turntables, his red and black DJ Qbert 05 Pro Limited Edition Mixer and the prototype of the very first Vestax QFO that DJ Qbert took on tour in 2003!! The Cut Connoiseur continued his conquest of Turntablism with the purchase of DJ QBerts one and only White QFO, thus making Dj Kodac Visualz truly the ultimate collector in Vestax Mixers and Turntables and the world famous Cut Connoissuer.

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