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keep it or toss it?
July 12, 2010, 11:36 PM
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every so often, my oldest sister, now having discovered the wonders of the internet, passes on some email thats worth reading… it may have been forwarded, but nonetheless, still worth taking a look at. recently, i got a message from her about how long food can keep in the fridge… and it got me thinking about whats in MY fridge that i could get rid of…

turns out – A LOT. we always buy food or are given food that we dont end up eating all of, or even opening before its expiry date and it upsets me that the food is trashed after a week or so. growing up i’d hear my mom say… “do you want to be like those kids you see on tv – the ones who have nothing to eat? no? then dont waste food!” i would hear this repeatedly… to the point that im OCD about it today. to curb some of the waste, i started limiting what we buy to mostly smaller quantities, or even stuff we know we’ll eat within 2-3 days because we like it so much. its helped, but it hasnt eliminated waste.

ive now implemented the 7 day rule – every saturday, i clean out the fridge. if i find something from the previous saturday, that i KNOW for a fact that we wont eat again or is already rancid- leftovers, opened cans of meat/vegetables\whatever… it goes straight into the trash.

ever see something like this in YOUR fridge? fucking nasty, isnt it? i found a small basket of strawberries once, that had so much mold growing on it – that it looked like don king’s hair. this hot dog pales in comparison to that.

wondering what other foods you can keep longer than a week in your fridge? check it out HERE


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