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SoCal Shipwreck
July 10, 2010, 11:56 PM
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an old friend from middle-school posted up some pics on facebook of his hike down to the RPV coast to check out the remains of what was once a greek freighter that ran aground back in the 60s… the dominator. it sounds all majestic and shit, but its not. it was a freighter heading to long beach to refuel and it crashed into the coast because it had no modern navigation equipment aboard. seeing his pics reminded me so much of the old days in high school and college and how we used to hang out in that area, that i decided to do some research of my own about that particular wreck. it turns out that its been one of many vessels that have crashed at sea near RPV, but also one of the larger boats that have done so.

i never knew that a wreck was even there, living in socal all these years. this was just fascinating and i never thought all that shit that youd see in movies could literally happen in your backyard. just goes to show, that no matter how long youve lived somewhere, theres always more to discover about the world around you. one day, when things arent as socially hectic… wifey and i will head down there and check out the crash site… given that its still there, anyway.

details HERE and HERE


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hey! i actually travel to that rockbeach and someone did tell me about this. i saw the engine a couple of times when it is low tide and u cud see I think a transmission shaft there also. thats pretty cool that you found the real story

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