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new gear
June 25, 2010, 12:34 AM
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so, my bday this year went to shit cos i got stressed out the week of, and got sick in the process. ended up with allergies taking over and its been taking a real long time to recover from cough attacks and the nose that does not stop getting clogged with mucus. i know – nice visual. anyhow… i decided to spoil myself rotten this year considering that i couldnt go out to a club or whatnot and bring in 35 years with a bang… so this is what i ended up with…

not only did i get an NS7 (gasp! numark! the horror!)… its the new(er) NS7FX with the effects unit that sits atop the controller. this thing is the shit. dont get me wrong, i love vestax, and my VCI300 wouldve been a great controller… if it didnt have that goddam touch sensor issue that kills the responsiveness of the right deck. got tired of cleaning out the sensor every few weeks so that i can skratch without the beat slipping.

notice the white records? yep – real vinyl. not that what came with it was fake, but i had to customize the controller somehow, and the red or blue colored vinyl from numark is ugly. so… found some cheap 45 rpm/7-inch collector shit on ebay that so happened to be white vinyl and 3 drilled holes later thats what i have. chastise me for ruining a perfectly good set of 45s all you want. you know the white records are the shit. man, i tell you…. this is worlds away better than spinning on a lifeless controller with non-motorized jog wheels. the interface is second to none, and the software is rock solid. thank you serato and numark for the collab.

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