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iPhone 4 – fuck Android
June 7, 2010, 3:22 PM
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apple let go of its latest offering today – the iPhone 4. video phone is the shit, though i think it should be more like iChat in that more than one person can join in. theres apparently more than 100 new features in the new phone… and its supposed to be thinner (!) than the last generation. sorry, im just not a fan of the android and its equivalents. i cant get over how ugly those phones are, despite that they may be better than the iphone in terms of service carrier availability and functionality. i dont care what features they have – design has just as much importance as technology. so… fuck the android.

disappointingly, there hasnt been talk of release to other carriers other than ATT, but it wont be too long when other carriers start getting the phone because ATT’s network just plain sucks for the bandwidth that this thing is going to require. did i forget that it its NOT 4G? oh… let’s not forget that ATT’s new data plans are shit too.

UPDATE – verizon *may* get the new phone, but there’s nothing set in stone. read HERE and HERE

details HERE and HERE and HERE

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