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It’s going to space!
April 23, 2010, 8:26 AM
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comedian Louis CK makes a great point about today’s society… we dont appreciate technology. i can remember when pagers were the “in” thing to have. mainly because cell technology was still young and expensive for the average person to afford. i went through several pagers in my life… all motorola, of course. it was a way for me to be contacted well before email, blogs, text messaging, and social media sites… that said, i for one, DO appreciate technology. i love the instant-ness that has become the norm. yet, i’m afraid of it. im afraid of it failing and forcing the use of “old-fashioned” methods of communication… like talking. i can count on on one hand, the number of close acquaintances and family members that communicate more by technology than by verbal communication… and i can only hope its not always going to be that way

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