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cloudy memories from last year’s birthday
April 23, 2010, 12:49 AM
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my bday is coming up soon and im not sure what i want to do. wifey is planning something for the wknd of, but i usually celebrate the entire month. why the hell not? fuckit. anyhow, i stumbled upon pictures of last year’s celebratory proceedings at The Falcon in hollywood from DJ Splice’s webpage… and man, i didnt know how fucked up i really was until i saw these pics. i was probably in and out of delirium judging from the way i was throwing up “LA” – all backwards and shit. seriously – WTF? anyhow… you gotta laugh at life tho and who gives a shit anyway, as long as it was fun. i figure this year… it will be car bombs and vodka lemonades all over again… ending up with me driving home all weirded out cos everything seems slow. thanks DJ Splice for posting these; they will forever be a reminder of my descent into the mid-30s. meh.

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