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Long Beach Grand Prix – 2010
April 18, 2010, 9:25 PM
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long time buddy len (DJLP) hooked up the tix to get into the LBGP this year… many thanks to whoever he extorted to get the tix and the beer. good times had by all… well, maybe except for the idiot and his GF that got knocked the fuck out. story was that some dude was chillin and GF started talking shit, so the fists flew and someone was layed out on asphalt… and all over what? tacos. that’s right. tacos. goes to show that to some, tacos, aint nothin to fuck with.

oh, and i also got to see a lexus LFA… dope shit. too bad i cant afford. ever. the american lemans was cool too… worth the aching feet, mild sunburn, and tinnitus from the roar of the racecars

and here’s pix of the 2 idiots who got knocked the fuck out…

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