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in a jam when you’re trying to jam?
March 10, 2010, 2:09 PM
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“sorry ladies and gentlemen. we’re experiencing technical difficulties…” – is usually the mantra of the unprepared performer when something goes awfully wrong with their gear. it happens to all of us, even the best djs have had it happen.. and no one is immune to it. that is, unless you’re one of those “selectors” who just presses the PLAY button and doesnt beatmatch, mash, or skratch. granted, i could only do one or two of those things well, but it has happened. and im sure it would if you were just a lazy bum who did, in fact, just press PLAY.

here’s some helpful tips to prevent your gig from going to shit, when the gear youre using, is…

…Opon inspection of the gear during set up I was unable to locate one of the turntable’s counterweight. Without this small but critical piece of the tonearm assembly records will not play. It was the only time I’ve ever encountered this particular problem but I’m sure its happened to others so I’ll share my fix. A small lime from the bar with a hole poked in the end can be slid back and forth to achieve the proper weight on the record…

more tips here

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