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life in the new ‘hood… sort of.
March 2, 2010, 9:30 AM
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being that my wife is an eye doc, we have to stop at almost every private optometry clinic storefront just to see who works there and how they run their business. 2nd st optical in the LBC had this artsy display showing off some of their newest frames in the window…

we found a real japanese restaurant in cypress finally… “echizen” as it’s called. beats having to drive back to torrance or gardena for good japanese food. if only a nijiya or marukai popped up here… that would be the dog’s balls. i miss having easy access to all the great food places in the south bay.

we got sum dim sum on sumday… er, sunday last week. was able to break bread with family and catch up on the happenings. “would you like some chicken feet?” fuck no… i’d rather not eat a part of an animal that i know has been in their own (or other’s) shit. thanks.

i was on a kogi truck binge some months back… wifey isnt too impressed, but it beats having to smell like your food when you come out of a kbbq restaurant. and it’s easier to eat. the long lines can go to hell tho. here’s some of the melee that ensued:

wifey and i found some good filipino food in cerritos too: salo-salo. i love their chicken bbq. wifey on the other hand was not very impressed with the lechon something she ordered. likening it to the pig’s snout, she was rather grossed out by the fact that it seemd to look at her. i told her that it wasnt the snout, and nothing close to the snout… in fact, its part of the hind quarters – but which part, im not sure, exactly.

had another one of my sushi binges again – this time at kiriko in west la. if youre ever in the area, check this place out (see my links). the smoked salmon with mango (sans caviar) is the absolute bomb sushi ive ever tasted. the fact that the salmon is hand smoked and cured in-house is quite unique and the price is justifiable by the taste – trust me.

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