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fresh audio gear
February 9, 2010, 11:54 PM
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over the past few months, i managed to get back in touch with my audiophile roots, thanks to a few sites worthy of mention: 6moons, head-fi, and headphone… dot com. google them and check them out…

that said, desktop audio has a much wider audience nowadays – considering that you can get high grade digital to analog convertors and route the output to a really nice set of headphones, or do as i did, and get a small set of studio monitors (alesis m1 active) and hook them up to your computer. the sound is totally different than what one would be used to hearing coming from the little speakers embedded in a laptop, an imac, or those POS plastic things they sell for cheap at the local bestbuy or other electronics chain. i even went as far as to rip some old reference CDs my brothers used to listen to when culturing me to listen for quality and balance, and not just SPL. MP3 has nothing on uncompressed WAV files, let me tell you. the level of texture digital audio allows you to hear is amazing.

this is a shitty picture of them, but you get the idea. they look a LOT better in person. peep them here

the set of monitors im using also have a built-in DAC, but i cant find the specs of it anywhere. if anyone knows what they are or can refer me to them, id appreciate it. the best part is that they also have a set of inputs which i can use with another piece of gear i intend on picking up as soon as it becomes available again… the nuforce udac. it’s SRP at $100 and has gotten all positive reviews ranging from a tube-like sound, to well balanced and relaxed. i cant wait.

peep it here

because im a stickler for great audio, i took it upon myself to also pick up a set of PA speakers for use when my cousin and i gig together… ive always wanted a good set of PAs and i wasnt going to spend a fortune on JBL or higher-end Mackie gear, so i waited. and waited. then an e-tailer out of NY posted up a great year-end deal on a set of mackie thump TH15s, complete with speaker cable and stands…. all for less than both speakers by themselves… shipped! i never thought PAs sound good without a lot EQ work, but these do. they hit hard and are louder than i thought they were going to be, neighbors be damned. best part – my cousin and i can keep more of the payout for the gigs. no more getting raked over hot coals for rentals

heres a stock photo of the thumps… and they look just like these:

last but not least… picked up a new controller… i blame virtualdj for making me go through all this crazy midi mapping shit to get something to work properly…. but its worth it. ill be using serato itch from now on, if i can just get past the weird color coding of the waveforms – and only because all the functions are 1:1 maps that work perfectly in itch. the sound quality is a bit better too, but that wasnt the main reason…

so, no need to introduce this… everyone in DJ land has already heard about it… the vestax vci-300. and no, im not giving up my rare, black vci-100 anytime soon. took me way too long to get a decent midi controller, and now i have something for backup (and midi skratching)

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